Advanced Circulation Lower Leg Workshop

Course Outline

Advanced Circulation Lower Leg workshop teaches two methodologies.Image 1

  1. The six-point foot technique from the Healing for the Age of Enlightenment book.
  2. The circulation stress relief massage of the feet, lower legs and knees. [Deep muscle reflexology techniques learned from an osteopathic doctor.]                                               

This hands-on workshop will keep you busy all day.  Offer additional services to your clients by adding these new tools and techniques to benefit the circulation to the lower extremities.

Image 2Both the Vita Flex and the Deep Muscle Reflexology methods were taught to Danielle Gault over 40 years ago and she uses many of these techniques in her own practice. She enjoys sharing these methodologies with other practitioners from time to time.

Prerequisite – Footcare or Reflexology experience.

Full Tuition $291.00  inclusive of HST

Dates Offered

May 22,  2020
Sharon, Ontario
(Please contact the office for further information)

The Reflexology Technique Course is offered May 21 & 22.  If you wish to take both the Reflexology & the Circulation Workshop, a discount of $50.00 will be applied.  Please follow link. Reflexology   Circulation Workshop

Course Refund Policy